NGCP adheres to a strict safety policy at the workplace and promotes safe practices in communities living near transmission facilities.

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Republic Act 7832 also known are Anti-Pilferage Act of 1994 prohibits and penalizes the stealing, selling, and buying of any transmission tower and line part. NGCP, together with law enforcement agencies, strictly implements this law, keeping in mind that one missing bolt is one step below its reliability standard.

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Reforestation and tree replacement programs are implemented by NGCP in areas traversed by its transmission lines. NGCP is mindful of its operations' impact on the environment and ensures its sustainability in the light of modernization and industrialization.

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NGCP sees education as a link for the youth towards a more secure and progressive future. After all, these are not merely students we are providing for these are tomorrow's leaders. As NGCP strengthens the transmission, it is also committed to strengthening the nation.

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Our host community, our partners. NGCP places premium on its partnership with communities protecting its facilities. Through the construction of footbridges, multi-purpose halls, water systems, and other infrastructure, NGCP guarantees that their basic socio-economic needs, among others, are fulfilled.

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