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NGCP has the crucial role of linking power generators and distribution utilities to deliver electricity where it is most needed. Its network of interconnected transmission towers and substations serves as the highway where electricity travels from various energy sources to the smaller thoroughfares of distribution utilities and electric cooperatives until it reaches the households.

(picture of Philippine Power Industry)




Operations and Maintenance

NGCP's task is to ensure that the country's transmission assets are in optimal condition to convey safe, quality, and reliable electricity. NGCP does this through regular inspection and repair of lines and substations, clearing of Right-of-Way obstructions, and timely restoration during and after natural disasters.

(picture of Typhoon Restoration)


System Operations

Reliability of power is the company's utmost priority so it closely monitors the grid and immediately responds to any system disturbance. NGCP acts as System Operator that balances the supply and demand of power to maintain the quality of electricity that flows through the grid.

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Planning and Engineering

Building new transmission lines and expanding substation capacity are equally important as increasing power supply. NGCP ensures that the grid is prepared whenever new plants come online and when the demand for power in a certain area increases by anticipating these scenarios and constructing new facilities. All of NGCP's projects are well laid out in its 10-year Transmission Development Plan.

(picture of project construction and link to the TDP)






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