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NGCP to continue massive facility improvements in 2017

Date Published: 3/11/2017

In its continuing pursuit of upgrading andstrengthening the country’s power transmission network, NGCP is poised toundertake several major facility improvement programs this year.

“When we took over, it was very clear to us thatupgrading and improving the failing and aging facilities we inherited from theNational Transmission Corporation (Transco) was top priority. At the time thisconcession was bid out, many of the transmission facilities already reached, orwere about to reach its maximum economic life. It was very clear to us thatgovernment could no longer continue to fund the massive transmission relatedprojects needed to ensure that the transmission facilities remained relevant,up to date, and able to address the pressing needs of a growing economy,” thecompany said.


“NGCP has built 2,472 circuit-kilometers (ct.km.) of transmission lines since we took over. This year, 24 transmissionprojects are set to be completed, 26 are in the middle of construction, and 22 projectswill commence. In total, that’s an additional 674.9  ct.km. oflines to be added to the country’s transmission network for 2017 alone,” thecompany stressed.


Among the projects NGCP is pursuing are: theLuzon 500kV backbone to accommodate incoming generating plants, the Cebu-Negros-Panaybackbone to improve power sharing between the major islands, and the Mindanao230kV backbone to reinforce the Mindanao grid as new plants come online. 


“Another aspect of NGCP’s commitment is to ensurethat all its facilities are well-maintained and reliable. Our continuousauditing of existing assets has resulted in a preventive replacement programdesigned to mitigate any unplanned transmission outages.  The program outlines the replacement of agingtowers and poles and substation equipment over the next four years,” statedNGCP.  


For this year, the grid operator is set toreplace 2,134 wood poles that are considered grid facilities, with steelstructures. These wooden poles were part of the aging transmission facilitiesNGCP inherited from Transco when it took over as concessionaire in 2009.  NGCP is also set to replace an additional 417wood poles – considered residual sub-transmission assets – this year.  Facilities which serve to strengthen thenetwork as a whole are considered grid facilities, while those that serve asingle entity or user, whether that user is a power plant, a distributionutility or directly connected industrial consumer, is considered a sub-transmissionasset.


“Since 2009, NGCP has installed a total of 13,200megaVolt-amperes (MVA) of substation capacity. Moving forward, over 30transformers in substations across the country are also set to be replacedbetween 2017 and 2019. Nine transformers with 300MVA, 100MVA, and 50MVA ratingslocated in critical areas such as Las Piñas, San Jose, and Naga, among others,are expected to be replaced this year alone. That’s an additional 1,480 MVA insubstation capacity over the next 3 years,” NGCP announced. ###






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