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TRO issued to landowner for damaging NGCP structures

Date Published: 2/17/2017

Tuguegarao City - On 16 February 2017, a 72-hour Temporary Restraining Order filed by NGCP was issued to Deltra Multi Corp.,represented by its president, Delfin Ting, for excessive excavation of the lot where Structure Nos. 39 and 40 of the Tuguegarao-Magapit 69kV transmission line stand.

Ting, who is the former mayor of Tuguegarao City, excavated the land to develop his property, which puts the transmission facilities in a very vulnerable position. Despite the inherent dangers an excavation of that nature would present to the transmission facilities, Deltra Multi Corp. continued to develop the property, leaving structures 39 and 40 standing precariously on an unreinforced spot of soil 40-feet high.


NGCP immediately requested the TRO to access the property of Mr. Ting who refused the grid operator entry to conduct much needed inspection and line maintenance.


“Our facilities should not be put in vulnerable situations. The development in the lot of Mr. Ting is clearly a violation of transmission line Right-of-Way clearances. By putting Structure Nos. 39 and 40 at risk, Mr. Ting is also jeopardizing the Tuguegarao-Magapit 69kV line serving major parts of CAGELCO I and entire CAGELCO II franchise areas, which are Cagayan and Apayao provinces,” said NGCP.


With the TRO issued, NGCP personnel may now enter theproperty to inspect and do corrective works on the structures. The company alsointends to request for the extension of the TRO to 20 days to conductvegetation clearing of the growing bamboo grove that might obstruct thetransmission line within the property of Ting.


According to NGCP, Ting would not give them access until NGCP pays rental for the temporary ROW easement and additional payment for the ROW of a new transmission line project, the Tuguegarao-Magapit 230kVline.


“NGCP’s operations and project cannot be disrupted by these kinds of setbacks. Ting has been giving us a hard time in maintaining our existing 69kV line and in securing ROW for the new 230kV line. NGCP follows the right process in securing the Right-of-Way, he should course this through the right legal avenues instead of disrupting our operations. For our part, we will still pursue our mandate of operating, maintaining and expanding the country’s transmission network,” said NGCP.






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