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NGCP on track to complete post-TD #AuringPH restoration

Date Published: 1/10/2017

Grid operator NGCP continues the repair of its lines affected by the passage ofTropical Depression Auring, which weakened into a Low Pressure Area yesterday,09 January.

The weather disturbance caused the tripping of the Butuan-Placer 138kV line at9:47PM on 08 January, subsequently affecting the Placer-Madrid 69kV andPlacer-Surigao 69kV lines. The three lines serve the franchise areas of Surigaodel Norte Electric Cooperative (SURNECO), Siargao Electric Cooperative(SIARELCO), and Surigao del Sur 2 Electric Cooperative (SURSECO II). Anotherline, the Puerto-Damilag 34.5kV line serving the Bukidnon Second ElectricCooperative (BUSECO), which tripped at 6:11PM on 08 January, has been restoredat 11AM on 09 January.


Aerial andfoot patrols were mobilized to conduct assessment, inspection, and repairs onthe affected transmission structures as soon as weather permitted on 09January. Upon inspection, NGCP reported two transmission structures in Alegria,Surigao del Norte and Remedios T. Romualdez, Agusan del Norte toppled by soilerosion caused by the river changing its course. Restoration is estimated to becompleted by Thursday, 12 January.


NGCPassures the public that it is continuously monitoring weather disturbances andis ready to activate its OCMC should there be any threat to its transmissionfacilities. “NGCP is ready to respond to the call to expedite the restorationof normal power transmission operations. We recognize the importance ofelectricity in bringing back normalcy to affected areas,” stated the gridoperator. 


Necessarypreparations and precautions have been implemented to minimize the impact ofthe typhoon on NGCP operation and facilities. These include ensuring theavailability of hardware materials and supplies necessary for the repair ofdamages to facilities, as well as the positioning of line crews in strategicareas, to facilitate immediate restoration work.  ###






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