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NGCP reminds public to respect right-of-way clearances to avoid power interruptions

Date Published: 3/1/2018

NGCP reiterates the importance of respecting the right-of-way (ROW) clearance of its transmission lines and facilities to prevent power interruptions and potential dangers to life and property.

The company issued the reminder after it recorded three incidents involving ROW clearance of its towers in Pampanga and Pangasinan last month.

On January 7, a dump truck hit a transmission pole at Quezon Road, San Simon, Pampanga, toppling down the pole and causing a power interruption affecting the company’s directly connected industries. Another truck hit NGCP’s Labrador-Bolinao 69 kilo-volt (kV) line, cutting power in the area serviced by the Pangasinan I Electric Cooperative on January 27.

A day before, on January 26, NGCP’s Mexico-Calumpit 69kV line tripped when a billboard was  constructed and placed right beside the line in Sto.Domingo, Minalin, Pampanga. Apart from causing a power interruption to the areas serviced by the Pampanga III Electric Cooperative, the flashover caused the billboard to catch fire, almost affecting nearby structures. A flashover occurs when a high-voltage current jumps to a nearby object

“Our right-of-way clearances are in place not only to guard our lines from damage.The clearances are there primarily to protect the integrity of the grid, and to prevent houses, industries, and communities from experiencing power interruptions,” explained NGCP. “More importantly, these clearances are established to prevent injuries and even deaths. When objects such as billboards breach these distances, they don’t need to physically touch the line for electricity to jump and flow through the object in breach. In the best case scenario, there is a localized power interruption and damage to property. In the worst cases, somebody could lose their life,” the company added.

NGCP prescribes the following ROW clearances for its transmission lines: a 15-meter circumference around the center of a 69kV tower, 30 meters for 115kV towers, 30 meters for 138kV towers, 40 meters for 230kV towers, 50 meters for 350kV towers, and 60 meters for 500kV towers. Furthermore, NGCP also warns against putting up any structure or doing any construction work near or underneath transmission lines as these might breach ROW clearances and cause unnecessary power interruptions. 

NGCP also warns informal settlers living underneath or dangerously close to transmission towers of the potential risks of violating the ROW clearances of NGCP’s facilities.“Incidents like electrocutions, or the fire in Alabang which toppled Tower 34 of the Biñan-Muntinlupa 230kV line last year may very well happen again if these clearances are not observed,” NGCP stated.

NGCP appeals for the cooperation of landowners, local government units, national government agencies, and the public to help prevent power interruptions by reporting dangerous improvements, high-growing vegetation, and malicious elements that may breach the ROW clearances of transmission lines and facilities.

For any reports of ROW violations or suspicious activities around NGCP facilities, the company can be reached on its TIP hotline at TIPNGCP@ngcp.ph or by sending a message to 0917-8476427 / 0918-8476427.###







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