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Tropical Depression #SalomePH Update as of 10 November 2017 / 5:00AM

Date Published: 11/10/2017 5:00:00 AM

Affected line:


Gumaca-Lopez 69kVline

Customer/saffected: QUEZELCO I

Date/Time ofoutage: 09-Nov/ 3:46PM



Daraga-Sorsogon69kV line

Customer/saffected: SORECO I, SORECO II

Date/Time ofoutage: 09-Nov/ 10:30AM

Date/Timerestored: 09-Nov/12:03PM


Naga-Iriga 69kVline

Customer/saffected: CASURECO III

Date/Time ofoutage: 09-Nov/ 12:09PM

Date/Timerestored: 09-Nov/ 5:39PM


Daraga-Ligao 69kVline

Customer/saffected: APEC

Date/Time ofoutage: 09-Nov/ 10:19AM

Date/Timerestored: 09-Nov/ 5:58PM



Catarman-Lao-ang69kV line

Customer/saffected: NORSAMELCO (Bobolosan, Bobon, Allen)

Date/Time ofOutage: 09-Nov/ 5:33AM

Date/Timerestored: 09-Nov/ 4:20PM

NGCP has mobilized its line crews and is currently conducting aerial and ground patrols to inspect and assess the impact of the tropical storm to its operations and facilities.

Please note that loss of power may be caused by affected transmission facilities of NGCP or distribution facilities of local distribution utilities or electric cooperatives. Specific cities and municipalities affected by the power interruptions are determined by concerned Distribution Utilities, unless the outage affects the entire franchise area. 






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